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About me

Sonja Velda

   Sonja Velda Photographer



I create and provide unique and beautiful interior features for well-known international Home & Lifestyle magazines and other publicists. I have the privilege to visit and capture beautiful, creative and unique houses around the world.  All my photos are of high quality and bring inspiration.  I cover a wide range of different interior design styles.

Photography is the memory of our lives
I have a keen eye for detail, a great intuition and a strong visual memory. As I am a visual person and I love photography, taking pictures gives me the possibility to capture unique and special moments and keep them alive.
Using and playing with daylight is one my characteristics. All my pictures show a mood of calmness, transparency and freshness. I capture the purity of the interior, objects or it's surroundings and unveil the real personality of the subject.

Besides interior and lifestyle photography I am also specialized in real estate and commercial photography as well as in children’s portrait photography. And I organize 1 to 1 workshops interior photography and group workshops children’s portrait photography.

Contact me for more information.